We believe in you
We listen, supports and encourage you
You decide what you want to tell us
We can help and assist you in contact with the authorities
We can meet you in person or have conversation with you over phone an email.

With us you can be anonymous.
We have confidentiality.

what is violence?

Violence i actions directed against another person like harms, scares or violates and receives this person to do something against his will or to refrain from anything he wants.

violence forms

Physical violence
Psychological violence
Sexual violence
Material violence
Economic violence
Latent violence

warning signs

You are blamed and criticezed
You and what you do is disparage
You are persuaded to let go of interests and friends
Your clothing is controlled
Your partner controls your mobile and other belongings
Your partner demands to drive you wherever you go
Excessive care with elements of control
You must always tell who you have met and where you have been
Your options are questioned burdust and disrespectful
You are called offensive things, often with sexual hint
You are threatend and/or physically attacked

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If you want to be involved and make a difference for vulnerable women, you can be an active interview woman in different ways. We offer compulsory basic education to introduce your ideal work.

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